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Precautions for use and maintenance of beverage filling production line

发布时间:2020-11-23 14:59

    Beverage filling production line is very convenient, automatic production and production of canned drinks, in the beverage manufacturing enterprises play a very important role, but in the use and daily maintenance process to pay attention to some details, so as to make it better put into use. The following small series will introduce the use of beverage filling production line and the precautions of packaging Some.


1. Beverage filling production line is an automatic mechanical equipment, so it is necessary to unify the size of easy-to-pull bottle, bottle cushion and bottle cap when using, so as to better complete the automatic operation.

2. Before starting the work, the panel manual mode (inching / handle rocker) should be used to test the machine to observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon during the operation. If there is, it is necessary to deal with it in time, and the machine can be operated only when there is no abnormality.

3. When adjusting the machine, select the appropriate tools for adjustment and use. If using too large tools, it is likely to cause damage to parts and affect the normal operation of the production line.

4. After adjusting the production line, it is necessary to check the loosening of each component. If it is found that there is no tightening screw and so on, it should be promptly fastened and adjusted to manual mode to see if its action meets the requirements, so that the production can be resumed.

5. Beverage filling production line in the daily must ensure that the surface of the machine is clean, if it is found that its surface is contaminated with oil and other dirt, it should be removed in time to ensure the cleanliness of the production line is very necessary.

6. Clean and maintain the production line on a regular basis, such as thorough scrubbing once a week, wiping in hard to reach places or blowing with compressed air.

The use and maintenance of beverage filling production line is introduced here, hoping to bring some help to your use. For more information, please pay attention to other related contents of Shandong beverage filling production line website.

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