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Analysis of technological process and technical requirements of yogurt filling production line

发布时间:2020-11-23 15:02

Our daily yogurt is produced through the filling production line, which can produce yogurt products in large quantities and quickly, but its production process and technical requirements are not simple, so what are the technological process and technical requirements of the yogurt filling production line.


The technological process of yogurt filling production line is usually: raw milk acceptance → filtration and purification → standardization → homogenization → sterilization → cooling → filling → inspection → refrigeration.

Technical requirements in the production process:

1. For the requirements of raw materials, raw milk plays a decisive role in the quality of final yoghurt. Therefore, the quality of raw milk must be strictly inspected. Only the products that meet the requirements of standards can be further produced.

2. For raw milk filtration or purification, the purpose of this is to remove the dust and impurities in the milk, so that the milk is more pure.

3. Standardization, the purpose of this item is to ensure that milk contains the prescribed fat, all milk that does not meet the standard must be standardized.

4. Homogenization, homogenization can be complete or partial. Many dairy plants only use partial homogenization because only two small homogenizers are required for partial homogenization, which is beneficial both economically and operationally.

5. Pasteurization, which is very important for the production of yoghurt, focuses on the control of sterilization time and temperature, which must be well controlled to avoid damaging the quality of milk.

6. Cooling and filling, in order to prevent the milk source from being polluted again, it should be cooled in time, and then filled. The purpose of filling is to prevent microbial contamination of dairy products, but also to make it better sales.

The technological process and technical requirements of the yogurt filling production line are introduced here. I hope you can have a more in-depth understanding of the yogurt filling production line. This paper is provided by the yogurt filling production line manufacturers for reference only.

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